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In business since 2007, SPECS - Cheaters Too offers personalized service to tailor your custom prescription, computer, and reader wear to fit your personal needs, focusing on style, visual acuity, and performance.

How We Can Help You

With a strong concentration on Digital Eye Strain and Blue light technology, SPECS - Cheaters Too improves your visual experience by reducing eye fatigue and  chronic dry eyes.

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What sets SPECS - Cheaters Too apart from other Eye Care Professionals?

We focus EQUALLY on proper aesthetics/comfort/fit of your eyewear AND premium visual acuity in your lenses.

Our Services

Featured Service #1

Custom progressive eyewear that meets your needs for both clear and sun wear, focusing on your personal needs.

Featured Service #2

Custom lenses for Digital Eye Strain, focusing on extensive computer use by accelerating near and computer vision, eliminating the distance field to improve posture, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

Featured Service #3

Custom CHEATERS (reading glasses) for all day use, allowing you to wear your cheaters all day, while saving you from losing misplaced cheaters as well as improving your posture to lessen discomfort from poor posture.

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